Our Vision Statement

Vision Statement

HEA will lead and inspire through compassion and kindness, expertise and excellence in all that it does within the community. Our ambition is to empower staff, inspire our service users, partners, local people and professionals alike by achieving excellent outcomes, to provide an innovative value for money support service.

Our purpose sets out what we do and why we do it providing an overall sense of direction thatĀ  helps everyone to feel part of the same organisation where we deliver such a diverse range of services.

HEA takes a whole community approach; central to HEA’s ethos is participation and social integration for older people in the wider community in a safe and welcoming environment that improves their quality of life.

Our core organisational objectives are to:

Support better health and wellbeing of older people.

Prevent and alleviate social isolation through a programme of recreational activities that support better living.

Provide better nutrition for older people.

Support and improve increasing older peoples’ knowledge of health, fitness and wellbeing that encourages their participation inĀ  healthier living.

Provide a welcoming place for social interaction and community participation.

HEA aims to support the aspirations for a healthy and enjoyable life and, through providing opportunities and participation in activities relevant to their outlook support a younger and healthier attitude to life into their later years of living.

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